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According to PICTURE, success is a matter of flexiblity, efficiency, perseverance and creativity.


All his know-how is built around customer satisfaction. The company alwalys feels a stroger desire to go to the edge

of its limits in order to satisfy its customers. It knows how to take the measurement of each offer, the which offer it

realises in a context where human values are respected.

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Projet PICTURE 2015

Audiovisual Production



Sustainable, social cohesion development


Productor : HYSACAM

Production : Picture


Language: French

Video: PAL

Ratio: 16/9

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1


Film director: Vivian NANA


Bangos city is an African city, and like all African cities, it is alive. Its population is dynamic and seeks the well-being. But the urban disorder in this city also creates stress. To reduce its impact on people, businesses keeping watch by asking small actions crucial for a pleasant and healthy life. Moreover, the company also offers an innovative waste management trial that enrolled Bangos city into modernity.



Le Film Institutionel  | 



Flash Mob' Cameroun

Cameroon Flash Mob'

Kerry JAMES Cameroon Tour



Kery JAMES : 08 & 10 Febuary 2014

ZAHO : 15 & 16 Febuary 2014

Place : Yaounde and Douala


Production : CY Enter10ment




CY Entertainment, the Cameroonian cultural operators must organize as part of the international tour of the artist kery JAMES, Flash Mob event entitled Special Cameroon. The opportunity was given to the Cameroonian public to see in the first time in concert in Cameroon Kery JAMES and ZAHO. In four dates in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé, fans experienced an unforgettable moment.

PICTURE; the CY preferred partner since 2002 is responsible for the production of audiovisual communication elements; Namely TV spots and other media.


Event video communication:

Teasing  |  Spot concert Kery JAMES  |  Spot Concert ZAHO  | 


Event spot announcement

Mutzig star 2014

Mutzig star

Spot enrollment announces


* 02 TV Spots

* 02 Languages (French and English)



Duration: 35 sd

Video: PAL

Ratio: 16/9

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1


Picture studio


"Mutzig star" is a concept developed by Brasseries du Cameroon, the leading brewers in Cameroon. The aim of the organizers is to give a chance to all young music loving to realize their dream. Implicitly, it is to participate in socio-cultural development of Cameroon,
Since its inception, the concept has been consolidated. He wants to instill in Cameroonian artists, the taste of the effort, hope perseverance, harmony of beauty and meaning of cohabitation. This year Mutzig honors its commitments.


The videos:

Spot inscription VF  |  Spot inscription VA  |  Vainqueur 2012  |  Vainqueur 2013  | 


Promo Castel beer Promo Beaufort Light

Castel Beer Promotion


Your Gifts in your Castel beer crows. The premium brand of Brasseries du Cameroon lets you discover in your capsule, million lots, ranging from free beer

bottles in 2 magnificent SUV Kia Sportage Cars.



Anouncement Spot

 |  French Version  | 

Beaufort Light Promotion


Light up and win thousands of class prizes. This is the promise made to consumer’s man and woman Beaufort Light beer. Groups of couples ranging from free bottles, has a freezer + Samsung Galaxy II smart phone.


Anouncement Spot

 |  French Version  |  English version  | 





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