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    Audiovisual production & realization


            PICTURE offers a wide range of audiovisual production, to assist you in most of your audio visual communication projects. The particularity of our production and direction focuses on the uniqueness of each client. This approach has enabled PICTURE shine on the video market as a partner of choice in the business environment in Central Africa. Also, to expand its field of action and respond to numerous requests from various clients, powerful team had to diversify its production. Ant therefore it among others as production:






       Our Editing studio philosophy (Animatic), we bring added value to the communication of your event. We are willing to involve actors professional voices, 3D animations and have the ability to make video capture quality. We also offer the customer the catchy text consistent with the announcement of the event.

       We support your sales force by making you a spot for your promotion campaign. We, whenever the client wishes, a point on the target capacity to assimilate with ease the process and benefits of this promotion.  

        Broke in the task PICTURE acquired some experience in implementing spots likely to faithfully all aspects of your product or brand, the name, its colors, its usefulness, its place in life and why not the price . Animate your logo, your product is exclusive to our company. PICTURE is if the customer wishes, make proposals that allow readability of a real product in the competitive field of national and international market in your field of action.





         The film business is the flagship of our business. It is always nice to our business portray glowing and beautiful your structure in less than six minutes. We present your production tools, your people, your process, your products in a better angle. We are willing to offer a value-added text to accompany your film. So that you would no longer need a variety of uncontrollable hostesses to present your company in a professional forum, an international exhibition. Your partner on the other side of the world, have a clear idea of your business without having to move. In a plane, train TGV, you will be able to show the locations of your business to a third party without blinking an eye. We are willing to spread through all the media of your choice.






         As part of the implementation of the documentary film, PICTURE arranges to tell great stories. To this end, PICTURE does not hesitate to use archives testimonies, Capturing the interest of viewers by the sound, the choice of music, game images, the narrator, is our strength. We are willing to go writing to editing and distribution if possible. I must say that we already have a proven track record in this type of exercise (opening video link). And we have brought satisfaction to our customers.

         The event film (link) has no secret PICTURE. We are now able to produce movies for you post and after your event. All the technology will be put in motion to make your event a magical moment for the effective fulfillment of your dreams of success. So for conventions, conferences or scientific press, weddings, funeral arrangements, the "road show" events and promotional campaigns; Several cameras, lights and technicians were requisitioned for the occasion. Contact us.





        PICTURE is a past master in the realization of video clips. His repertoire is rich enough to demonstrate that the Cameroonian music scene, all renowned artists trusted him. Simple and complicated at the same time making a video clip is an intense moment in healthy company. Nothing is overlooked Which are the requirements to meet the artists. Using all the techniques required by the customer is requisitioned for implementation. Its DVD authoring is one of the most popular Central Africa. Easy and simple, no need for multiple clicks to access the data.




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