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When March 22, 2002 at 18:00, our manager Vivian Nana opens the antennas (diffusion) of the Cameroonian TV channel CANAL 2, it brings a new look, young, and full of color in the media landscape in Cameroon. In a few months, the PICTURE manager and his comrades, position themselves as the second television station in Cameroon, even threatening the first place, Le premier studio de montage de Picturethen held the first blade mounting studio Picturer state television CRTV. 


In its quest for excellence, the future PICTURE manager will in turn responsible for the dissemination and Technical Director of the International Canal2 chain. Versatile, it is also an important part in video editing and production.

However, the overflow solicitation audiovisual production chain that receives many phone calls and other TV for video editing will bring the future PICTURE manager to create a structure that will allow these channels to fulfill their audio visual. But it is especially in the first time to give young Cameroonian, the chance to benefit from his expertise.

Then, out of Canal 2 International in 2004, it will be for him to revolutionize the image of audiovisual production in Cameroon. He thinks fitting precisely a more dynamic, more cheerful and colorée. This motivates the creation of PICTURE Video Entertainment.


The first experiment starts with the realization of short clips of the artist Petit PAYS (Album GOD THE FATHER). PICTURE also bring a special touch in the communication event organizers as Chinois YANGUE (CY Entertainment), Idriss SALADIN, Vivian NANA Réalisation les CANAL2 Or (1° Edition)Papillon, Tchop Tchop and many others. Experience that many observers of the audio-visual scene with an enthusiasm will enjoy true.


 PICTURE create and develop his style of editing, which will be taken by all video editors Cameroon. Its promoter Vivian NANA will also Video Editing courses at a prestigious school in the city of Douala (IBCG) to disclose this style also became the philosophy of achieving PICTURE, "See what you ears and ears what you see".


  Started in an apartment that was also promoter bedroom, PICTURE after seven years now occupies offices in the upscale neighborhoods of the city of Douala, mainly Joffre Street. Its neighbors are now TSEKENIS OIL Lybia, ARNO, SAMSUNG.



Alain Frejus NGOMPE

Communication Manager 




Studio de Montage PICTURE 2004








Vivian NANA au Lancement de la Chaine Canal 2 Internationale
Banc de montage de PICTURE en 2004
2008 PICTURE passe au HDV

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